Monday, March 9, 2009

Job Loss Insurance

Worried about possible job loss?
Integrity Home Finance is proud to offer you our Homeowner Education and
Loan Protection service(HELP).

There are many homeowners who during their first few years of home ownership encounter short-term financial difficulties. These challenges often lead to missed mortgage payments and maybe foreclosure. Suddenly the dream of homeownership is not as fulfilling as once thought.

This is where our HELP program comes in to play. This service is provided our Charitable Foundation and is a safety net for homeowners who need protection from the unexpected.

The Program offers the following benefits for participating homeowners:
  • Mortgage Protection Program - (Job Loss Insurance) Program covers up to 6 months of mortgage payments; up to $1800 per month (PITI) should the homeowner become involuntarily unemployed during the first 12 or 24 months of homeownership. (length of policy varies on eligibility of program)
  • Emergency Assistance Program - During the first year or so of homeownership,you may have available an emergency pool of funds to assist homebuyers in keeping current or making them current on their mortgage payments.
  • Post-closing Communication and Education - The program also includes 24months of financial and educational resources in an effort to assist in maintaining timely mortgage payments and tools to maintain financial wellness.

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