Friday, August 7, 2009

A little Friday humor... Thanks Rick!

Since it is Friday, I am going to close with the customary attempt at some modest humor. So get your best rap on to the tune of Phil Collins, just another day in paradise, or maybe Day Trader Paradise and enjoy your weekend singing the tune.

As I see no more rallies for the MBSI
take a look at my pipeAnd realize there's nothing left.
'Cause I've been floating with positions so long
That even my momma thinks that old locks are blown.
But I ain't never floated deals, that didn't deserve it.
Massive Sell-Off overnight?, you know that's unheard of!
You betta watch how ya tradin'
What stock rallies you fadin
Or your MBS gurus won't have room to talk.
I really hate the spread but I gotta lock,
As they buy stocks, I see myself in line for docs.
Fool, I'm the kinda LO all you fellows wanna be like,
Hedged my pipe in the nightSaying thanks to that MBS site!

We've been spending most July living in a trader's paradise...

We've been spending most our time living in day trader's paradise...
Look at the situation, this disconnected tradin'
I can't put out a decent quote, they keep raising the rates!
So I gotta be down with AQ and MG,
Too much CNBC watchin', got me chasing dreams.
I'm an educated LO with rebate on my mind
But even three eighths in my hand makes a gleam in my eye.
My pipe's all locked up bankers! I'm out of danger!
And my junior LO's got lock sheets so don't arouse my anger.
Fool, emails from Provi ain't but a day trade away,
Instead of living life do or die, I'll live to lock another day!
I'm at five point five now, will I live to see five point fo?
The way traders tradin' I don't know.

Tell me why do we
chase more Y - S - P.
When the ones who winAll trade on Wall Street?

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